Between two restaurants-cum-bakeries, a studio and a chef, we aim to help you find an answer to all your culinary needs. From dining out, to ordering in and learning how to cook, satiate your cravings with the following services.


For the hungry and the flaneurs, a visit to Paris Cafe is a dream within a dream: French food amidst Kolkata’s bustling street life. Sit by the window, sip on a coffee, and allow the scrumptious sweetness of a crepe melt in your mouth.


Our calendars are dotted with surprises from behind the kitchen counter. Attend workshops, seminars, and cooking-shows online or in-person at Le Studio: an all-equipped space for every delicious recipe.


A meal for two or a party for your crew? Layout a table for every occasion with a personalized menu, finely curated with dishes and cuisines preserved in their authenticity and made-to-order. Our team is trained to pay keen attention to all your dietary preferences and allergens, from non-vegetarian dishes to a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free affair – we only use fresh ingredients that you are comfortable with.


Fold in your red-checkered picnic mat and wrap it up in a basket filled with heart-warming treats for the best people in your life. Be it a corporate gift, or a festival celebration, tell us what is cooking in your mind and watch it come alive!


Engage in hour-long consultations or weekly discussions with Sneha Singhi, for professional help as you unearth the many layers of good food. Receive advice in the following areas of interest (including but not limited to)

  • Opening your own restaurant, 
  • Setting up a table
  • Designing a menu
  • Inventing a recipe
  • Planning your future culinary studies
  • Launching your own catering setup


Expand your social media presence, connect with your audience and build your brand by collaborating with us on IG LIVE sessions, food shows and packaging products.