Every day with Sneha Singhi is a foodventure of exciting new tastings, exotic cuisines and experimental recipes. Donning many hats of a chef, food consultant, and an entrepreneur, Sneha is most known for being as much of a creative rebel with her food as she is with her life experiences.

Just like her new recipe of the Jamun tea cake breaks away from the average expectation of a wholly sweet flavour, her career path has been riddled with unexpected detours leading up to her current designation as one of Kolkata’s most loved chefs. Right from squeezing out of a traditional mass communication degree in St. Xaviers, Kolkata, to pursuing a Diplôme de Pâtisserie and a Diplôme de Cuisine at Le Cordon bleu before interning with French pastry chef, Pierre Herme, in Paris, Sneha has worked her way up to follow her raison d’etre courageously.

Looking back, she reckons that all the best memories of herself are marked by culinary dishes. Four years old, wide-eyed and curious, using a stool to reach the kitchen counter and roll out the batter for chocolate-chip cookies. Ten, and ushering in the double digits, with a spicy biryani and raita – made from scratch and love. Thirteen, sixteen and eighteen were all table spreads of feasts with friends and family, until she turned nineteen. It was at nineteen that she decided to allow her personal story with food, to grow into a professional one – one of passion and pursuit!

Singhi, has since been reinventing dishes and amalgamating various cuisines with a unique twist. In an interview with Indian Express Indulge she talks about looking forward to the day she can serve, “a bacon flavoured, whiskey infused cupcake for its sheer smokiness and a chocolate curry cupcake for its weirdness.” Sneha’s flexibility with dietary preferences, cuisines and her inherent urge to discover yet another dish, makes her the go-to person for every meal – be it a single person’s dinner takeaway or the buffet catering for a celebratory occasion.

As the harbinger of cafe culture and the French cuisine in Kolkata, Sneha was surprised to find herself amidst a growing crowd of individuals who were increasingly eager to experiment with the new flavours she whipped up. In the busy streets of Kolkata, she found a rhythm that was an uncanny resemblance to the fast pace buzz of the kitchens of a Parisian restaurant. With role models like Nigella Lawson, and French pastry chef, Cedric Grolet, Sneha herself is an idol to those who find themselves more at ease behind a flaring stove than at the dining table.

Outside of food, all things four-legged and furry, make her smile – especially dogs. When not in the kitchen you will find her walking her two Huskies – Zeus and Luna, spending time with one of the seven dogs she has rescued, or petting animals at the Ashari, People for Animals, NGO. When day breaks she enjoys settling herself on a couch and putting on a Bollywood film. 

To inch closer to the stars on her screen, she bakes cakes for them when they visit Kolkata. In the past, her cakes have been enjoyed by the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan.

If you were ever to find her smiling at you from behind the counter of one of her setups, she will surely be hoping you stop by and say hi. And somewhere amidst a friendly banter, you will forget that her smiling face, keen and inquisitive, of only 28, runs two restaurants, one studio and has been awarded the BBC Pastry Chef of the Year and the East India, Young Restaurateur of the Year. Unassuming, and gentle, Chef Singhi never gets bored of peeking through the kitchen doors for a muted view of her favourite scene: a bustle of hungry diners.

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